Maleeha Lodhi briefs UNGA president on Kashmir unrest


NEW YORK: Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) Dr Maleeha Lodhi has briefed President of UN General Assembly Maria Fernanda Espinosa on the grave situation in Occupied Kashmir. In a tweet on Tuesday, the representative said that the United Nations should live up to its obligations on Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Earlier, Dr Maleeha Lodhi told that India tried to stop the UNSC meeting in New York over Kashmir issue, and its occurrence itself is a major development which supports the fact that it is an internationally recognized dispute. The members of the UNSC meeting expressed concerns regarding the deteriorating situation in Kashmir. Kuwait’s representative in the meeting mentioned the number of UNSC resolutions over the issue and stressed on their implementation, she added.

She further affirmed that the most important thing is that the voice of Kashmiris was heard at the UNSC meeting which was Pakistan’s first diplomatic step after Indian move of scrapping the valley’s autonomy. “Pakistan has raised the Kashmir issue at international level, and will move forward after this step. The UNSC session negates the claim that it is India’s internal matter,” the Pakistani representative continued.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected next month to push the United Nations to pay more attention to India’s actions in Kashmir, according to the Pakistan ambassador to Washington, as the nation seeks to jump-start international attention to New Delhi’s clampdown in the disputed territory. Pakistan already has warned that the situation in Kashmir could ignite a war with India, and highlighted that both countries are nuclear armed.