Sheikh Rashid says Pakistan has set targets in India but cautious for Indian Muslims


LONDON: Pakistan’s prominent politician and Federal Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that Pakistan is ready to face every odd situation including small or big war against India branding it the arch rival of his country.

Speaking at a hurriedly called press conference at Royal Nawab on Saturday, he said that as India has hinted to revisit its policy of ‘Not using atomic weapons first’ which we take as signal of using these diabolic device, I hereby declare that we have also our options and have set the targets. “There are 250 million Muslims in India, we are cautious and we have to take their care as well before using any option”, he added saying Pakistan will fight till last bullet and last drop of blood.

Sheikh Rashid was disappointed with the cold shoulder attitude of Muslim countries and said that Islamic world including OIC is going through a testing time. Muslims are on target everywhere and the present alarming situation is a great test for Pakistan.

“As far as I am railway minister, Samjhota Express and Thar Express will never run again. Time will prove that I am the tough man for India”, Sheikh Rashid claimed that drug traffickers were using Samjhota Express and the drugs were being sent from India to Pakistan through this train. India was destroying our youths and others by injecting drugs which he has stopped by stoppage of this train service.

Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan is fully prepared for war though we don’t want war or warlike situation and would prefer that Indian leadership should take course of sense and maturity and resolve all outstanding issues through dialogue.

He termed session of UN-Security Council as victory of Pakistan and gave credit to PM Imran Khan. He said; “Imran Khan has very rightly branded Modi as Hitler and the Hitler of this era has committed big blunder by revoking Kashmir Article 370 and 35-A.  He will suffer ramifications of his blunder very soon”.

“Pakistan Army and the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan would go to any extent in case of any misadventure by India on Kashmir issue”, he vowed.

He said the entire Pakistani nation was united on Kashmir cause and would stand by Kashmiri brothers and sisters of Indian occupied Kashmir who were struggling for their birthright to self- determination and freedom from Indian subjugation despite atrocities being perpetrated on them by the fascist Indian government led by it Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He answered to a volley of questions related to his ministry. Sheikh Rashid arrived in Manchester on Wednesday evening where he addressed a press conference and reception hosted in his honour by local property tycoon Anil Mussarat.
He inaugurated Pakistan Expo UK 2019 in London on Saturday morning and left for Islamabad on Sunday.

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