Pakistani heckles Maleeha Lodhi after event in New York


NEW YORK: Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi, was left puzzled when a person heckled her during an event and asked: “What are you doing for Pakistan? You are a thief and don’t deserve to represent our country.

In a video that has surfaced on the internet widely circulated in Britain, Lodhi is seeing evading questions raised by the Pakistani national during a UN event.

While the diplomat was apparently addressing media persons, the man, who seemed enraged, was heard asking whether she had a minute to answer his questions and then without waiting for a reply asked: “What are you doing from the last 15 to 20 years. You are not representing us.”

Lodhi asked him to stop, to which the man replied he will not as it is not against the law and, moreover he is a Pakistani.

 The diplomat composed herself and chided him for the manner in which he put forth the questions. She further said that she would not respond to his questions.

As Lodhi began to leave, the questioner heckled her by saying: “You guys are stealing our money, You guys are thieves and you don’t deserve to represent Pakistan.”

Even netizens did not miss the opportunity to question the diplomat, who has also served as the Pakistan Ambassador to the United States.  

“She has enough of living in America send her back to Pakistan,” commented a netizen.

Some accused her to misusing the taxpayers’ money and asked her to come back.

“She is enjoying privileges and perks on our tax money. She is only master to organise cultural events while being a permanent envoy of Pakistan in UN, she is an utter failure of our ‘parchi system,” said another user. 

Twitterati also heaped praise on those who raised the questions. m”Salam hai bhai, jis ne sawal kiya.. Shabash (Salute to the guy who dared to ask such question),” said one.

“Yes that man is absolutely right she has done nothing for us at U.N for last fifteen years, What is she doing there,” said another.”Point that has never been raised in fact,” reacted another person.