5th Aug to remain ‘black day’ forever; say JKLF-UK leaders


LONDON: JKLF-UK leaders have said that 5 August 2019 will forever be etched in the memory of people in Jammu Kashmir as a black day.

In a statement, Prof. Zafar Khan, Chairman Diplomatic Bureau, JKLF said that this day
will be remembered as a day when the so called largest democracy in the world, illegally annexed the entire Indian occupied part of Jammu Kashmir with a stroke of a pen, and took away the heritage, the identity, hard fought fundamental rights, and centuries old ethnic, cultural and religious harmony and tolerance amongst the sons and daughters of the soil.

He said that 5 August 2019 will be remembered as a black day because, on this day millions of  sons and daughters of this beautiful but unhappy  land, were imprisoned in their homes by 820,000 Indian military and paramilitary troops at the point of gun under orders from a communalist  and hegemonic BJP /RSS government in  Delhi.

“This day will also be marked as a black day because, on this day the BJP /RSS government under the erroneous rule of might is right, disregarded the international law and legality, and forcibly annexed a country, and its people whose political status is yet to be determined by themselves through the exercise of their, fundamental,  inherent and inalienable sovereign right to self-determination”, he added.

 “On 5 August 2019 therefore, the BJP /RSS government of India has thrown an open challenge to  the world community by completely disregarding its obligations under the United  Nations Charter, and the inherent and inalienable sovereign right of the people of Jammu Kashmir to self-determination  under the UN Charter and over some 18 UN Resolutions on the Kashmir issue/dispute –conflict”.

Prof. Zafar Khan said that the legitimate and just struggle to regain the lost sovereign right of free will, by people of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, will continue until victory.