Priti Patel says her comments on death penalty were taken out of context


LONDON: Britain’s new Home Secretary Priti Patel has claimed she has never been an “active supporter” of the death penalty and comments has she made in the past are “constantly taken out of context”.

She previously said in 2006 that she was in favour of the “ultimate punishment” for the worst of crimes, and supported the death penalty during a ‘Question Time’ debate in the Parliament on the subject in 2011.

Asked about the punishment this week, she told the Mail: “I have never said I’m an active supporter of it and (what I said) is constantly taken out of context.”

But her comments on ‘Question Time’ were unambiguous: “I do actually think when we have a criminal justice system that continuously fails in this country and where we have seen murderers, rapists and people who have committed the most abhorrent crimes in society, go into prison and then are released from prison to go out into the community to then re-offend and do the types of crime they have committed again and again.

“I think that’s appalling. And actually on that basis alone I would actually support the reintroduction of capital punishment to serve as a deterrent,” she elaborated.

In her first interview as home secretary, she laid her vision for fighting crime in the UK and said she wants criminals to “feel terror” at the thought of offending.

Priti Patel also voiced a tough stance on drugs, saying cannabis users should not be overlooked by police. “Any form of drug use,” she said. “You don’t turn a blind eye to it at all. It has a corrosive impact on people and communities.”