Naz Shah MP writes to Imran Khan on Samia murder


BRADFORD: Labour Member of Parliament from Bradford West, Naz Shah has written to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan after hearing that the former husband and alleged murderer of Samia Shahid may be seeking entry into the UK.

She said it was her understanding that Muhammad Shakeel had a new British wife and is planning to come to Britain. He is still on bail as his case had not gone to trial three years on. She said it was a “very worrying and very alarming” situation, the Asian Image has reported.

She said the alleged ‘honour killing’ happened three years ago last week and she hoped that the Home Secretary would block Shakeel’s entry to the UK. Ms Shahid, 28, from Oak Lane, Manningham, died in Pakistan in July 2016 after travelling to visit her father, whom she had been told was seriously ill.

Pakistan Police launched a murder investigation, after it was originally suggested Ms Shahid had died of natural causes.

In the letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Naz Shah MP wrote: “Samia was raped and murdered in an alleged honour crime three years ago. “Despite the accused having spent two years in custody and subsequently being released on bail, the case has faced significant delay and sadly for the victim’s husband the justice and closure that is desperately needed is being denied.

“I am further being led to believe that Mohammad Shakeel (ex-husband), who remains on bail for the rape and murder of Samia Shahid is seeking to enter the UK having married another British citizen.”

She added: “Whilst no justice has been provided and no trial has taken place, this news is extremely worrying and potentially dangerous.”Justice delayed is justice denied” and called for personal assurances from the Prime Minister that there is no undue influence delaying this case.

Ms Shah has sent copies of the letter to the Home Secretary Priti Patel and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab urging them to make representation to their counterparts in Pakistan concerning this matter.

Ms Shahid married Syed Mukhtar Kazam in Leeds in September 2014 after she left her first husband, a cousin from Pakistan, who was initially granted “pre-arrest bail” in 2016 and offered himself to police for interview before he was accused of her murder.

However, her husband, Mr Kazam, says she was murdered in an honour killing, because of her marriage to him. Her family has strongly denied any involvement in her death.

Shortly after the 28-year-old’s death, it emerged that Ms Shahid was found with a bruise on her neck – even though the original report from a post-mortem examination indicated there were no physical marks on her.

Ms Shahid’s father, Chaudhry Muhammad Shahid, was held as a suspected accessory to murder but released on bail. He died in January 2018 in Pakistan.