“Daesh an extreme form of terrorism”, Rehman Malik’s book launched in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that Daesh is an extreme form of terrorism and this terrorism has morphed into the shape of RSS in India and especially in Kashmir. RSS has unleashed a malicious campaign against the Kashmiris and the Muslims of India by taking extreme steps in targeting them.

The President made these remarks while addressing a book-launching ceremony of “Daesh-ISIS; A Rising Monster Worldwide”, authored by Senator Rehman Malik, former Minister Interior of Pakistan.

President Masood Khan commended Senator Rehman Malik for his efforts in bringing out this book at such an opportune time. He said that this discerning piece of research aptly explained the evolution and financing of Daesh and also of its linkages with Al-Qaeda.

President AJK said that this book will challenge so many prevalent perceptions about Islam. He said that today Daesh is being presented as the face of Islam in the same manner Al-Qaeda was once presented. “We Muslims all over the world say that this is neither the face of Islam nor of Muslims”, he said.

He urged building unity amongst our ranks and working towards protecting our youth from this avalanche of extremist ideology. He said this scourge must be dealt with sincerity and we should put an end to this arm of terrorism.

Speaking on the occasion, Rehman Malik said he had warned the region of the emergence of the Daesh several years ago. “Now the Daesh and RSS have become a team. They are working in partnership,” he said.  Senator Malik said that he has pointed out the front organizations and groups that act as a platform for projecting and propagating Daesh’s lopsided worldview. He said that he has exposed in his book the nexus between Al-Qaeda and Daesh and how in many cases the Al-Qaeda outfits shaped into Daesh.

Malik said in fact he wanted to write this book few years back but he held it as he was observing and witnessing many recent developments as Arab Spring and many other events had started to take place and meanwhile the activities of Daesh started extended worldwide replicating Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

He added that Daesh can be proved more dangerous than Al-Qaeda and Taliban. “By this book I wanted to expose this deadly terrorist outfit for the information of a common man and to give a wakeup call to the world and to bring the heinous activities of Daesh on record,” the author said.

Senator Malik said that Daesh has so far claimed 139 attacks not only limited to Afghanistan but also in Middle East, Iraq, Turkey, Europe and South Asia and now finally in Sri Lanka.

He said that Afghanistan and Pakistan have suffered the most in the war against terrorism but unfortunately, the sacrifices of Pakistan have been ignored by the international community. He paid a rich tribute to the Pakistan Armed Forces for their sacrifices and fight against terrorism. The UNO should get benefit of the experience of Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The lawmaker said he had indicated all the facts in his book adding that Daesh was fully present in Afghanistan and doing its actions in Pakistan via Afghanistan. He appealed the United Nations and OIC to call an immediate session on Daesh. He added that collective efforts by the International Community and UN are required to take serious measures to stop further growth of Daesh.

He highlighted the emergence of Daesh – ISIS and its evolution in enormous spectrum. He said that he has discussed in detail about the rise and flourish of Daesh – ISIS and its maneuvers across the globe.  He said that this book brings to light the rising phenomenon of violent extremism under the banner of Daesh which is bent upon disrupting and destroying internal, regional and international peace and stability. It addresses the readers that how this organization abuses the name of religion as a bulwark for committing repugnant offenses against humanity, he added.

The event was also addressed by Senator Rehman Malik, Noordeen Mohamed Shaheid, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, General Khalid Jafri, President Centre for Global and Strategic Studies, Ambassador Asif Durrani, Kamal Shah, former Secretary Interior and senior journalist Tahir Khalil.