Qureshi urges Pashtun community in Britain to defeat anti-Pakistan mindsets


LONDON:Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi lauding the sacrifices of Pashtuns for the solidarity and defence of Pakistan called upon them to get united and defeat the anti-Pakistan mindsets wanted to create by the enemies in the country.

“The sacrifices and contribution of Pashtuns people for pre and post-independence of Pakistan, especially in the wars of 1948,1965 and 1971 with India was highly commendable and they are the loyal and honourable citizens of Pakistan”, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said while addressing the get-together of United Pashtun Society (UPS) of United Kingdom (UK chapter) at Southall London on Wednesday evening.

Qureshi said that overseas Pakistanis number only 15 million living in the UK, 15 million combined, can not be organized and become a voice so strong desire to sow the seeds of chaos forces have succeeded.

He said trying to understand is that some people in the UK are trying to highlight specific thought, was even a thought in the European Union.

Who is the foreign minister said. What are their goals? I want to achieve? These questions will have to go to bed.Qureshi said that the bottom of these questions, we will be in the designs of enemies to reach the ground and to expose their intentions.

We will make mistakes, they said that we should learn from history, not to learn from history. The movement of the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Pakistan Pashtuns, along with the Baluch, Sindhis, Punjabis, Bengalis were joining in large part, is part of history, part of the Pakistan Foreign Minister said.

Qureshi said that Pakistan forces who wish to demonize there was to sow chaos and hatred. He Tracking is our duty, it is expected that 15 million Pakistanis living in Britain, its role in protecting the national interest will continue to pay the same national spirit.

He said that a commitment to any political party which is a democratic right, but we have to respect Pakistan, Pakistan ideology precedence over everything, thinking and interests.

Qureshi said that this spirit will come to meet you in our ranks will not only solidarity but also fail to disrupt. He is proud Pakistanis in Britain, 50 families settled here because of financial constraints in the decade since.The Pakistanis working from home not only the ability but also the earnings based on the respect of society, many of them from their children or pick up members of the British House of Commons and Minister for Foreign Affairs said here.

Qureshi said many Pakistanis who had acknowledged its existence in the municipal elections held in May in the UK. He said that many Pakistani children who have achieved high status in the top universities in the United Kingdom on the basis of the ability to compete with the kids here.

Doctor, lawyer, professors, researchers, engineers and other sectors are performing these duties proud Pakistani, are small business minister said.

Qureshi said the acquisition had taken Indian food in a small restaurant in the tuyhan I read while studying in Cambridge.He taught this little child labor bosses restaurants, proudly told me that was the highest ubauqar Aichi educational institutions of Pakistan has admitted his child.

That parents are trying to unlock the door to the development of personal sacrifices, passion and hard work of the next generation, proud of his foreign minister said.

Qureshi said that the economy depends on overseas Pakistanis, Pakistan’s total exports as the country’s foreign exchange sent overseas.

We must confess that we are playing a key role in driving the wheel of overseas Pakistani national economy, he said.He said it will take every effort to supply overseas Pakistanis residing welfare, development and facilities.Qureshi said the government was making concerted efforts to improve Pakistan, prosperity and development to winning.

UN Secretary paid tribute to the organizers of the event on the occasion of the opening of Pashtun society, in any number of Pashtun civilians in the ceremony, Secretary of State was put traditional Pashtun turban.

Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UK Zakaria and others also addressed the delicate function.