Govt and political forces should be on same page for public security: G.N. Memon


LONDON: Pakistan’s senior diplomat GN Memon has said that the government’s measures have helped a lot in curbing the social crimes resulting a better and satisfactory situation and it is high time that all responsible elements including government and political parties should be on same page in regards to national interests.

During a formal chat with Pakistani journalists at a lunch in London on Monday, he narrated the overall prevailing situation of the country from his perspective, he said there is no two opinions that there are socio- economic challenges rather problems being inflicted by

the people but these issues can be resolved amicably by adopting a realistic strategy.

The luncheon farewell meeting was arranged by his office as Mr. G.N. Memon is leaving back to Pakistan after completing his three-year professional tenure. His deputy Mr. Baqar Raza has taken over charge as acting counsellor. The new responsibilities of Mr. Memon is yet to be decided but ‘The Nation’ understands that he will re-associate police department in Sindh.

Mr. Memon, a very polite and humble senior bureaucrat has vast experience in dealing with militancy, terrorism and maintaining law and order situation. He had held senior position in police department in Sindh before joining the present position in 2017. In acknowledgment to his courageous measures and bravery, the President of Pakistan awarded him national award in 2018.

Responding to a question, Mr. Memon said that all sections of population must realise the inflicting challenges and should support the government’s steps aimed to security and peace. “We can improve our economy only when there would be peace, stability, tranquility and better understanding”, he stated adding; “investment from internal or foreign sources would be ensured in peaceful atmosphere”.

Keeping in view of his association with the police force, Mr. Ghulam Nabi who had been SSP and DIG, Karachi South, has some plans to streamline the security system particularly the police establishment. He believes an effective law & order system to ensure the security of the public and in this connection he will discuss his plans with the higher authorities in Pakistan.