Trump singling out Sadiq because he is Muslim; says Diana Abbott


LONDON: Donald Trump may be singling outLondonmayor Sadiq Khan because he is a Muslim, according to Diane Abbott. The shadow home secretary branded Mr Trump’s tweets about Mr Khan as “distasteful”, adding she had never previously heard a US president reference a London mayor during her 30 years in Parliament.

She added it was hard to escape the conclusion that thismay be as Mr Khan is “of the Muslim faith”, a claim Home Office ministerVictoriaAtkins declined to respond to. Mr Trump dubbed Mr Khan a “disaster” and a “national disgrace who is destroying the city of London” following violent crimes over the weekend in the capital. Ms Abbott’s remarks came during an urgent Commons question on violent crime afterfour people died in suspected murders in four days in London. She said: “In relation to the president of the United States implying that the mayor of London is responsible for the rise in violent crime, the mayor must be held to account like any other politician. “But in 30 yearsin Parliament I’ve never heard a president of the US reference a London mayor at all. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that President Trump may be singling out Sadiq Khan because he is of the Muslim faith. “Doestheminister accept that if that were true, many people would find it distasteful?” MsAtkinsreplied: “I’m going to decline to respond about PresidentTrump forthe simple fact that I’m sure… we all have at the forefront of our minds today the four families who have been affected in the most terrible way this weekend. “I hope she will forgive me if I don’t dive into the political pool on today of all days.” For the SNP, Stuart McDonald said the “totally wrong response was to tweet or retweet racist jibes” about Mr Khan, before he highlighted Scotland’s public health approach to violence. Ms Atkins earlier described the weekend’s events as a “stark reminder that serious violence is a continuing threat”, adding: “This included a fatal stabbing in (Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick’s) Poplar and Limehouse constituency,fatalstabbingsinTooting and West Ham, and a fatal shooting in Plumstead.