Pakistan shared intelligence information to India, US for elimination of terrorism


LONDON: Pakistan will preferably share intelligence information with all countries including India with a sole purpose of eliminating terrorism. “Pakistan shared its intelligence information with India and the US on June 9 on a possible militants attack in J&K. It was good gesture and India obviously utilised it”, this was stated by Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi while responding to a question fielded by ‘The Nation” at a press conference at the high commission here on Tuesday.

He avoided to share the details of the secret information and said; “Our task has been accomplished and there is no point in going in further details. “We wanted to show India and America as a witness that we condemn militancy and terrorism”, he said adding; if any mishap would have occurred there, India would blame Pakistan.

“We are partner to global network established to end terrorism and will continue helping and sharing information in this regards”, he vowed but didn’t detail the information and its source.

SMQ continued saying; “This is what we want from India, mutual help and information sharing. If India would have shared its information, Pulwama incident would have not been occurred.  Instead of extending information, India started accusing Islamabad and a bad situation emerged”.

It may be recalled that Pakistan shared intelligence with India and the United on June 9 regarding a possible militant attack in the Pulwama district of J&K. The attack was allegedly being planned to avenge the death in May of Zakir Musa, leader of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Ansar Ghazwatul Hind.

He said that Pakistan’s policy is clear and crystal that we would not let anyone to use our soil against others. As a responsible country and also as partner of ‘global partnership’ against terrorism, we shall share our information if is important to prevent any odd situation.

“I held meeting with British Parliamentarians in London on Monday and expressed gratitude for raising the Kashmir issue in Parliament and other international forums. Kashmiri people expect a lot from them especially in restoration of their basic fundamental human rights”.

“I suggested the Pakistani diaspora to keep close liaison with the British legislators and arrange their tours to Pakistan and AJK, the Pakistan Foreign Office will facilitate in arrangements. Do this as India will not make similar measures for British politicians to take them to J&K”, Pak foreign minister commented.

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