WSP presents memorandum at 10-Downing St for help


LONDON: The UK chapter of the World Sikh Parliament delivered a Memorandum to 10 Downing Street on 6th June 2019, addressed to the Prime Minister, calling for British government assistance to help resolve the Indo-Sikh conflict and to tackle what it called the wider challenges facing South Asia arising from the extreme right wing policies of Indian PM Modi’s newly re-elected government.

The members of the delegation were including included Joga Singh, Amrik Singh Sahota OBE, Manpreet Singh, Sukhvinder Singh and Ranjit Singh Srai. 

The World Sikh Parliament has asked the UK Government to tackle India on what the SWP claim its appalling record of rights abuses against the Sikh nation which took on massive proportions since the infamous Indian army assault on the centre of Sikh spiritual and temporal power in Amritsar in June 1984.

The recently formed representative body, which has taken the lead in articulating the concerns of Sikhs on the international stage, asked the UK government to recognise its moral responsibility as the former colonial power and the representative of some 700,000 Sikhs living in the UK, and intervene.

The Word Sikh Parliament (WSP) document urges the British government to promote self-determination in Indian-controlled Punjab, as well as in Kashmir, as the only credible means of restoring justice and bringing enduring peace to a region – which remains the most dangerous on the planet as nuclear armed India, Pakistan and China are otherwise perhaps inevitably to clash in catastrophic conflict.

“The BJP’s determination to abrogate Article 370 in early course will almost certainly trigger renewed hostilities in Kashmir”.

The WSP asked the UK to seek security guarantees for the Sikh nation in case of war in South Asia as the Sikhs are not a party to the Indo-Pak conflict yet the Sikh homeland of Punjab will, according to military experts, be the theatre of battle.

In addition, the UK government was asked to take up the issues of the release of Sikh political prisoners in India, attacks on Sikh identity and the desecration of Sikh scriptures under a deep-rooted Hindutva-inspired conspiracy to eliminate the Sikhs as a nation and a distinct religion.