Religious sects leading the youth on wrong path in J&K; says Governor Malik


SRINAGAR: J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik has asked the militants to give up arms for holding talks within the Constitution as they cannot make India bow through violence.
Speaking to reporters at SKICC during a press Conference Malik asked the militants that they can get whatever they want within Indian constitution. “Whatever you can get is through talks and dialogue. You have your own Constitution, you have a separate flag. Whatever more you want, you will get it through democratic process and within the ambit of the Indian constitution,” he said.
He asked militants to join dialogue as they can’t bow India through violence. “Take everything from us, we will give our life but through love and dialogue. For that (PM) Narendra Modi is ready, we are ready. Come to the dialogue table and take it forward. You cannot make India to bow through violence. People may not realise it now, 10 years down the line they will repent that they had chosen the wrong path”, he said.

“I have been repeatedly saying that arms would not render anything. LTTE, a militant organization that enjoyed the support of 10-nations was decimated. What would these handfuls of boys achieve here?”, he said.
Malik said the problem in Kashmir is only because of unemployment among the youth but compounded by politicians misleading the people for past so many decades. “There is unemployment in entire country but unemployed persons in the country do not pick up weapons against the Government. There is something more here. The basic thing here is that the leaders have not told the truth to the people. People have been misled and shown false dreams which will never be fulfilled,” he said.
“People have been shown the dream of Azadi (independence) and sometime autonomy. When these things did not work, they were shown the dreams of paradise through radicalisations. I want to tell the youth that they have two paradises -one is Kashmir and if they become good muslims, they will get the other one also. There is no guarantee that they will get it through the violence … nobody has told them this. Youth are being indoctrinated and they are glorified through whatsapp and other (social media) as if they are fighting for Allah and nation. This is all nonsense,” the Governor said.

He said there was a lot of talk about the presence of Islamic State (IS) in Kashmir but the IS has been beaten where it emanated from. “These are ways of destruction for Kashmir. I want to tell the youth of Kashmir, drop your guns and come to Rajbhawan to have lunch with me. Then explain to me what good will Kashmir get from the path you have chosen”, he said.
Malik said various religious sects were leading the youth on the wrong path in Kashmir.”These Barelvis and Deobandis who were brought here some time back and now the new ones have come with the support of Saudi Arabia, they are showing them the wrong path”, he alleged. This is not Islam. I am ready to debate with anyone on this. I am not a Muslim but I understand Islam better than many Muslims. There is no room for this (violence) in Islam. But they will not say this to the youth,” he said.
The Governor said it was the job of the mainstream political parties which still command respect and the people look up to them to tell the people about the truth. “They have to muster courage and tell them. I request the mainstream leaders, preachers and intelligentia to bring back these youth and whatever is needed for their rehabilitation, we will do it,” he said.