KVI suggests positive approach for peace in Sub-continent


LONDON: In a meeting held in London the members of Kashmir Voice International (KVI) expressed hope that the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narrinder Modi will respond in appositive manner to the letter sent to him by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. The continued bitterness has damaged the expected healthy growth of good neighborly relationship between the two countries and affected the optimum use of resources for progress, development and welfare of more than 1.5 billion people living in the region. There is a need to recognize the fact that common people living in both the countries want peace and progress.

The bitterness and animosity between the two countries has caused Kashmiris to suffer and the solution of the problem is hanging for the last more than seven decades. KVI expects that Islamabad will look into the concerns expressed by Delhi and both create an environment wherein a peace process could be started and issues pending between the two countries considered for resolution. The members expressed that given the strong mandate that the BJP government has, Prime Minister Modi has an opportunity to make history by initiating steps for the resolution of Kashmir problem ending thereby the sufferings that Kashmiris have been facing since long.

Kashmir is a long pending issue and its resolution reflecting the aspirations of the people is possible when stake holders adopt a fixable approach.

The continuance of the conflict between militants and army will result only in the killings and destruction of property and will lend strength to alienation and bitterness. The only way forward, therefore, is negotiations between the stake holders.

Prof. M.A.Raina, Chairman, KVI said that his organization wishes the two Prime Ministers take measures to write a new chapter of peace in the history of sub-continent by not only promoting fruitful and pleasant relations between the two countries but also strengthen the SARC.