Mosque encourages more women to use facilities


BLACKBURN: A mosque is looking to encourage more women to come forward to use the facility and help run activities. The mosque admitted there was a significant gender-bias in many mosques in the UK, resulting in the lack of space or participation of women in those organisations. 

This was also deemed to be a serious issue that is limiting the growth and development of Muslim communities in the UK, aside from being an injustice to female worshippers, compared to male worshippers who can access the services provided by those mosques.

The management at Masjid-e-Saliheen in Blackburn are now looking at changing this and are currently building an extension which will be used in the evening for the Madrassa as well as allowing women to use this space openly.

This news was welcomed by organisation Unique Ladies Group who recently raised £1,350 for the Mosque’s extension project., the Asian Image has reported.

Community Engagement Lead from the management said: “The gender bias within mosques in the UK is a problem and we as a management would like to see a change in this.  “It is something we have recognised for a while, we are grateful for the likes of the Unique Ladies Group and we are encouraging more women to come forward to use the facility and to run projects which will benefit the community.”

The fundraising target has reached 80 per cent which means there is still a further 20 per cent (£30,000) still outstanding. 

The management is urging the community to donate what they can to help the cause.  This can be done by visiting