Boris Johnson vows to spend £5,000 on every school pupil


LONDON: Boris Johnson has pledged to “significantly” increase the amount spent on every secondary school pupil to at least £5,000 if he becomes the next prime minister. In his first major domestic policy proposal, the front-runner in the Tory leadership race said he wanted to “unleash” the talents of the nation by giving every child the same opportunity to “express their heaven-sent gifts”.

The former foreign secretary likened Britain to a “giant that is managing heroically to hop on one leg” but said funding schools properly could enable the nation to take “gigantic strides”.

Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson, writing in the Daily Telegraph, said there was a “yawning funding gap” between different areas of the country, with per pupil funding in some parts of London at £6,800 while in other parts of the country it is £4,200.

“Of course there are special and extra costs of living in the capital and London schools, which face unique challenges, deserve that recognition and a helping hand,” he said. “But I pledge significantly to improve the level of per pupil funding so that thousands of schools get much more per pupil – and to protect that funding in real terms.”

It is understood Mr Johnson would like every secondary school in England to spend at least £5,000 per pupil. He said the capabilities and ambitions of all schools should also be boosted, and called for vocational training and apprenticeships to be given parity of esteem.

The prominent Leave campaigner said a “dynamic Brexit Britain” should “rectify the mistake” that had led to funding for further education not keeping up with schools.