Masood Khan urges media to present a true picture of J&K


ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has urged the media to paint a true picture of J&K. Addressing a seminar titled “Role of Pakistani Media in Mitigating Diplomatic Pressures” in Islamabad, he said state-run media enjoys great legitimacy but it lacks the capability to influence the world opinion and needs to increase its global outreach and influence.

He, however, appreciated the positive role played by Pakistani media in recent Pakistan-India stand-off whereas Indian media emerged as a hawk by advocating war policies of the Indian state and promoting the war hysteria. 

“We are today facing disinformation about Pakistan’s way of life, country’s ideology and its national security paradigm. We are facing constant hostility from India and Indian media,” President Khan said and added that war hysteria whipped by Indian state and fuel and fed by Indian media in the wake of Pulwama incident aims to cast Pakistan in a certain image, he emphasized.

We must counter all these threats by making an effective partnership between media and the diplomacy and there should be more informal and in-depth briefings for the journalists by the diplomats so that they (journalists) should understand the perspective of the state.

Speaking on the occasion Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said media diplomacy in conflict resolution has great significance. Describing mass media as a powerful tool for diplomacy, the Spokesperson said Pakistani media deserves praise for its positive role in recent Pak-India tension and called upon the international community to play its due role to solve the longstanding issue of Kashmir.

The event was also addressed by the former defense minister, Lt Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi, Rana Athar Javed, Director General Pakistan House, Dr Abid Hussain, Associate Professor Department of Digitalization Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Waqas Majeed, and others. The seminar was attended by academics, diplomats, civil-military bureaucrats, representatives of national and international media and the university students.