Congress has no courage to face terrorism, ‘New India’ wants true leadership; says Modi


JAMMU: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his Government has created terror in the minds and hearts of terrorists that if they commit any mistake, they will be tracked down from anywhere and punished for the crime but lamented the Congress stand on terrorists saying the Opposition party has raised question marks on the brave soldiers, who have taught Pakistan a lesson.

Odisha, April 23 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses during an election campaign meeting “Vijaya Sanklap Sabha” at Basta in Balasore district on Tuesday. (ANI Photo)

In a series of tweets after addressing election rallies on Wednesday, Modi said there was fear among hearts and minds of every single terrorist that if he resorts to any subversive activities, he would be taken to task by the Modi Government and punished for his terror act.
“We will track down the terrorists, wherever they flee after committing the terror act. This is the fear among the terrorists. Contrary to this, Congress and their allies have different kind of approach towards the terrorists. They (the Congress and allies) are raising questions on our brave soldiers, who have taught Pakistan a lesson,” Modi said in an apparent reference to Indian airstrikes in Balakote, on the camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). Asserting that terrorism is a bigger threat not only before India but entire world, the Prime Minister said his Government has given reply to Pakistan in the language it deserved.“We killed the militants entering inside their territory and neutralized their mentors,” he added.
Recalling the situation before 2014 in the country on terror front, Modi said: “Pakistan used to send terrorists to India, the terrorists executed the attacks and the Congress Government, which was at the helm of affairs then, used to weep. Can terrorism be fought by weeping and with coward approach?” he asked. He declared that `New India’ wants a leadership which would fulfill their dreams and aspirations