Eman refuses to share the stage with ‘a sexual predator’


KARACHI: Pakistani Model Eman Suleman recently made a huge statement by standing up against sexual harassment. She refused to be a part of the annual Lux Style Awards (LSAs) to boycott sexual harassment in the industry, stating that she does not wish to share the nominations with someone who has allegedly harassed multiple women.

Eman Suleman even stated that she feels no joy over her own nomination due to the same fact. The young model speaks her mind on her Instagram post with a video message, Daily Times has reported.

“I was extremely honoured to be nominated for the LSA. What I’m going to say next is probably going to result in a lot of eye rolls and vitriol.I’m tired of talking about it to be honest but I don’t wish to be part of an accolade that’s shared with an alleged harasser. I feel no joy,” she said. “Maybe give the nomination to someone who feels happy about it. I don’t. I’m basically done,” she stated.

Suleman didn’t take any names though. In another video that she posted a couple of months ago addressing the same issue, Suleman began the video rather annoyed over the fact that she had to watch an advertisement of an accused sexual predator on YouTube before she watched a video. The model is seen triggered by the fact that our media industry does not give these predators any consequences and still keeps on hiring them for famous projects.

“Impossibly angry at fools, especially in this entertainment industry, who provide these alleged harassers with a space which gives them further latitude and in turn, more power and influence. Don’t you get it?Even if innocent until proven guilty, you’re encouraging the disgusting, vile behaviour they’ve been accused of and also encouraging others to do so by demonstrating that they can get away with it without any serious repercussions. What on Earth is wrong with all of you? No amount of money and fame’s worth it. Though, this has been said many a times before, the conversation must keep on happening, over and over. I’m an opinionated woman and will remain so.You can call it a publicity stunt or whatever you want,” she stated firmly.

The model’s known to be outspoken.She doesn’t let anything bring her down. She has gutsily spoken on many social issues before.

“I’m a model and not a prostitute,” was another daunting statement made by her; another misogynistic idea most people like to believe in.

Whether the predator is guilty or not, she doesn’t think that’s even a debate. Many people have been lauding her decision to boycott the LSAs.