Election will restore democracy in India: Azad


SRINAGAR: Senior Congress leader and Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad has said that for last five years India was under dictatorship and the present election will bring back democracy to the country.

Gh. Nabi Azad Nd Gh. Ahmad Mir at public rally at larnoo kokarnag anantnag….sajad dar

Addressing a series of rallies in South Kashmir on Wednesday, Azad said that last 5 years of BJP rule by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is dictatorship. “Why are there restrictions today, why aren’t people allowed to pray at their will? When people are not allowed to pray, to eat the food of their choice it’s a dictatorship. The democracy of India cannot do such things. The people of the country should accept that for the last five years there was a dictatorship in the country. So these elections are not to favor a particular party or candidate but to bring back democracy here. People all over the State have to decide this”, he said.

The Congress leader said that the BJP and PM Modi do not believe in Constitution of India. “If anyone does not believe in the Constitution of India it’s the PM and his Government. By not believing in the book of the Constitution on which they take oath before assuming the office, proves they lie and betray the people of the country. Had they not betrayed then they should have treated the Hindus and Muslims alike. They should not have discriminated on the base of caste and put curbs on the choice of food. They should not have interfered in the religious rights of the Muslims and allowed them to pray the way they have been doing for the last seventy years”, he said.