VEDG – an incredible woman



Recently I met an incredible woman at one of the award function as she is so connected to women welfare work and their well being so I get the chance to ask her few questions which I thought will good to all of us to read and think about it. Her name is Viola Edward De Glanville. 

Q: Tell us about your background. 

VEDG: I am “TCK – Third Culture Kid Adult, i love this terminology, TCK – Third Culture Kids are those who were moved to different country in their years of formation. these people have quiet unique characteristics. I was born in Iraq, at 5 moved to Lebanon, at 13 moved to Venezuela and 43 moved to Cyprus, married to Michael, an english man who was born in Cyprus, my step children and grand children live in France. Professionally, I am a Trans-cultural Psychotherapist, Mentor & Breathwork Trainer since 1993 and before that I was in the Business Insurance Sector  

Q: In your view how important women education is?

VEDG: Education is very important to everybody, for women is essential as naturally women is so cleaver, intuitive and creative so education give a structure to her natural talents and be of huge support to society in different corner therefor is indispensable for sustainable wealth. 

Q: Nowadays many people going back to organic food and doing yoga and meditation to keep them calm and balance. You working of Breath , what is your say?      

VEDG: Being conscious about your breathing is very important, when we face intense moments in our life we tend to to hold our breath. over time this translates into physical holding patterns that have locked up freely flow of the breath and the energy. The Breath is one of the keys to unlock the inner healer and to get into wholeness, but it takes willingness, trust and courage. “Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness, which units body and thoughts”.

Q: How important is healthy mind?                

VEDG: As holistic being, the mind and emotion play a big role in life. there are many things that can affect mental health, from some event that created an impact in your life to Traumas with big T and the consequential PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. it is important to have awareness and work consciously to heal and transform. The need to break the chain from passing the pain from one generation to the next is crucial. Being aligned with a healthy mind is crucial for you success and health as you will save the escapism of energy therefore you can use it for creation, productivity and service to community.

Q: You worked with lots of women how you empowered them?    

VEDG: By being aware and breaking free from their “Personal Law” which is the negative thought and limitations about themselves. It is beyond all the LAWS that are changing in the outside world to empower women, there is one law that she has to break through and this is what she thinks about herself and the limitations that are imposed inside of her. Also I work with women the awareness of the Feminine Capital Rhythm that each of us has.

Q: Your future plans?      

VEDG:  I am fully engaged with the sustainable work with women and men to create a world with acceptance and love to diversity. Where there is life there are possibility and i have hope in our humanity.