Mother appeals Imran Khan to provide justice in murder case


ISLAMABAD: The mother of two deceased sons has appealed the Prime Minister Imran Khan, President and PM Azad Jammu and Kashmir to provide her speedy justice in the murder accident that was occurred at Haveli Kahuta Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The mother of two deceased sons on Sunday held a press conference at National Press Club Islamabad in which she asked the PM of Pakistan, President and PM of AJK to again conduct an inquiry in killing of her sons as the apex court of AJK had ordered to release the accused involved in murder of her sons namely, Mehboob Iqbal and Naeem Iqbal.

ISLAMABAD: Mar31- Residents of Azad Kashmir District Hawaili and family members of Mehboob and Naeem addressing a press conference at National Press Club.

The mother said that her sons were innocent. They went to forest to extract the herb however the accused Qayyom, shabbier and Wasim murdered them without any reason.

The accused persons had also admitted that they murdered the two real brothers subsequently police had also confiscated the weapon used in murder. Upon which the session court and high court of Haveli Kahuta had penalized the culprits with Rupees one million and 25 years of imprisonment.

The mother said it is the murder of justice; her sons were innocent, questioning that if these are not the murderers then who else are responsible for this brutal action. She also asked that if these were not the culprits then how they knew about the dead bodies.

She said that the Police Station of Haveli Kahuta failed to inquire the matter afterwards, the case was transferred to District Bagh and inquiry officer Yaseen Baig was a professional and reputable person.

He put his best efforts and made the case solvable.  She also fear that if the situation of justice will remain same the people will take the law in their own hands, this will ultimately create a situation of chaos on the state.

 Earlier there was a famous case of Al Haj Ashraf Qureshi, which was reviewed by the court and the same culprits were found guilty whom the court in earlier decision released. This example leads to request the dependents to review the case; she further asked that the court should also reopen the case for review.  It is pertinent to mention here that two real brothers Mehboob Iqbal and Naeem Iqbal resident of District Haveli of State of Azad Kashmir murdered in 2013.

It was alleged in the first information report (FIR) that a weed i.e Trilium-Gavanaum grows in the mountainous forest of Haveli which is sold in the market against higher price. The people of the locality used to extract the same in a clandestine manner and sell it in the market.

On 28th August 2013, two brothers, Mehboob Iqbal and Naeem Iqbal went in the forest for extracting the herb. They did not return up to 31st August 2013. On 1st September 2013, their brother Mehmood Iqbal registered a report at Police Station Kahuta.

Police had registered FIR on 14 accused including the three above stated. The lower court had given the 25 years of imprisonment and one million fine.  The accused again approached the Supreme Court of the State from where they got the decision of innocence.