Hema Malini trolled for Lok Sabha campaign


MATHURA: Veteran Bollywood actress-turned-politician Hema Malini has been mocked over her election campaign pictures by netizens for faking it. On Sunday, the Bollywood dream girl posted her pictures with sickle in hands in the fields of Mathura, India. Netizens trolled her for faking the campaign to gain votes only.

Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), April 1 (ANI): Hema Malini, BJP MP & Lok Sabha candidate from the constituency, started her poll campaigning and seen carrying bundles of freshly harvested crop to lend a hand to women working in a wheat field in Govardhan area on Sunday. (ANI PHOTO)

The 7o-year-old actor turned Bharata Janata Party (BJP) politician shared her pictures in which she can be seen interacting with workers on fields, cutting crops and posing with hay bale and sickle in her hands. After she posted the tweet on her social media account it received more than 14 thousand likes, with trolling comments under it.

According to sources, the public of Mathura was not happy after her arrival when she directly went to take rest instead of meeting with them who were waiting for her for so long. Hema Malini is re-contesting from Mathura for Lok Sabha constituency for the second time after her win in 2014.