5 benefits of Karela


KARELA or bitter gourd, which is famous for its distinct warty exterior and an oblong shape might be the least favourite vegetable of a lot of people but you will be surprised to know its beauty benefits. The crunchy vegetable that is watery in texture has some magical properties that can not only heal your skin but make it naturally beautiful. Excited to know more, well here’s a look at five absolutely surprising beauty benefits of karela.


If you want to defy age, you definitely need to start consuming karela as it contains a very high amount of Vitamin C which slows down ageing. But hey, we are not telling you to eat fried karelas! Simply boil them, toss some lemon and salt and you are ready to eat this healthy vegetable.

Blood purifier

It is extremely rich in antioxidants which cleanse blood by removing all the possible harmful toxins and impurities, hence giving skin that enviable look.

Skin cleanser

Mix two tablespoons of karela juice with two tablespoons of orange juice and use this mixture to clean your face with a cotton ball. Once your face is dry, just wash it off with normal water and you will be in for a pleasant surprise – a radiant skin!


If you have a problematic skin – acne, rashes and what not, just drink a glass of karela juice mixed with veggies of your choice and you will be surprised to see the reduction of all the skin problems, thanks to the antimicrobial properties present in the wonder vegetable.

Natural glow

Karela facepacks are a rage in the market and you need to try them if you want that natural glow on your face. Well, of you don’t want to buy a readymade product simply boil one karela, deseed it and puree it. Now, apply this smooth mixture on your face. Leave it on for a while and wash it off once it has dried. Repeating this every week with give your skin a natural glow.