Cllr Abbas hosts event to celebrate Women’s Day


LONDON: Councillor Qaisar Abbas organised an event to celebrate women’s day. The event was attended by women from 15 different countries and representatives of 12 organisations.

Professor Bushra Waqas started the programme with recitation of the Holy Quran. Famous Pakistani classical singer Nafees Irfan recited Hamd and naat in his beautiful voice.  The programme was chaired by Thurrock Labour Party’s Vice Chair Ms Lee Watson. In her speech, Ms Watson said ”Labour Party respect and protect women’s rights and treat all the communities equally.” Chairperson Labaik Ya Zahra Ms Umme Farwa addressed the gathering and said “Islam recognised women’s rights 1400 years ago.”

Al-Quds Foundation’s representative Ms Huda Coumine said “Women in Palestine are suffering and life is getting harder day by day there.”

The host, Cllr Abbas thanked the participants and said “Today we gathered here to celebrate women’s achievements. The women are doing fantastic work and without their participation the society cannot progress.”

BollyWorld Foundation’s CEO Ms Bola Numbers, ILCANO Club UK’s President Ms Eva Macadangdang, LaitenAmerica United’s Chair Ms Luise Maria, For Us Social Club UK’s Ms Olumeri, President Ms Bushra Waheed, Professor Nagina Alvi, Solicitor Savita Bhansal, Senior Teacher Laura Verba, Romania in UK’s Ms Emesa, Maryam Iftikhar, Mrs Naseem, Neetu Jurek, Reena Sajjad, Kutlina Aysha, Raja Nazir Ahmed, Sajjad Malik, Abid Sohail and Iftikhar were also present. The guests were also treated with traditional Pakistani breakfast of Halwa Puri.