Akshay Kumar proud of ‘PadMan’ success


NEW DELHI: Akshay Kumar, who has been instrumental in bringing discussions on menstrual hygiene to the fore with his film ‘PadMan’ has now joined hands with Run4Niine for a nationwide running event for menstrual hygiene awareness.

Akshay Kumar who started the open conversation on menstrual sanitation with the release of his film last year said, “It’s already been more than a year since the release of ‘PadMan,’ and I am proud to see how it has evolved into a phenomenal grass roots level movement.”

The actor added that he is excited to be partnering with the Niine Movement to encourage an open and unashamed discussion on menstruation with his “fellow citizens, pad heroes, change makers and pathbreakers”.

The event will take place in multiple cities across 20+ states in India on March 8 to mark International Women’s Day with Akshay Kumar flagging it off in Lucknow. The campaign aims to bridge the gap between sanitary napkin users from 18 per cent to 82 per cent bringing together both genders, across all ages, backgrounds and of all abilities

The organisers of the event hope of setting the Guinness World Record for organising the ‘Largest Number of Runs in a Single Day for Menstrual Hygiene Awareness’ with the event. (ANI)