Gulab Jamun


Total time one hour 5 minutes

Preparation time 45 minutes

Calories 732

With festivals around the corner, it’s time to gear up for the celebrations. In fact, in India celebrations are incomplete without good food. So, we thought of sharing a simple yet delicious gulab janum recipe to add sweetness to your festives. Gulab Jamun is a quintessential Indian sweet made during special occasions and festivals. To prepare this sweet delight, you need some basic ingredients like all purpose flour, khoya, milk and sugar. Unlike, Rasgulla which needs to be cooked with a lot of care, Gulab Jamun can be prepared easily and can be served with a variety of savoury dishes like Samosa, Kachoris, Pakoras. You can even be innovative while serving Gulab Jamuns and pair them up with custards and even ice-creams. To make this easy Gulab Jamun recipe more delicious, you can prepare the dough with ghee.This will not only bind the dough, but will also add on to the taste of this delicacy. Here’s how you can prepare this amazing dessert by following some simple steps and become a pro at making Gulab Jamuns. This easy recipe makes for a perfect dessert that you can serve on special occasions like festivals, potlucks, anniversaries, buffets to name a few. If you are health conscious and want to enjoy this dessert without feeling guilty, then you can prepare the sugar syrup using stevia or sugar-free. To make the recipe rich and delicious, you can add finely chopped kaju or pista. To accentuate the taste of these delectable Gulab Jamuns, you can add some saffron strands while making the sugar syrup. This gives a nice yellow tint to this dish and makes it more aromatic. If you are fond of milk and you like the milky texture, you can garnish it with some condensed milk and top it with some finely chopped pistachio and cashew nuts. We bet, your guests will love this infusion of flavours and taste. So don your chef’s hat and please your family with the super delicious dessert delight. So, welcome the festive season with happiness and some good food!


500 gm crushed sugar

1 teaspoon crushed lightly green cardamom

150 gm mashed khoya

50 gm mashed paneer

2 cup canola oil/ rapeseed oil

500 ml boiled water

For Dough

30 gm sieved all purpose flour

10 gm corn flour

1/4 teaspoon baking powder


Step 1

To make this simple Gulab jamun recipe you need to take a vessel and add sugar, water, and a slice of lemon. Mix the sugar syrup well and reduce the consistency to two-string. Then turn off the flame and let it attain a normal room temperature.

Step 2

Take a wide tray and add equal proportions of chenna and khoya, mash them together using a masher. To accentuate the taste add some saffron strands. Make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture. To add some crunch to this traditional gulab jamun recipe add finely grated cashews and pistachio and mix it well. Once the mixture is smooth enough, move on to the next step.

Step 3

Take another tray, add maida, cardamom powder, corn flour and baking powder, mix it well. To make the gulab jamun more delicious add some ghee to the mix. This will leave a nice aroma and give it an authentic taste.

Step 4

Rub some ghee in your palms and roll round bite-sized balls. In the meantime take a kadhai and heat ghee or oil over medium flame, once the oil is hot enough slowly slide the balls and let them cook. Wait till the balls turn golden in colour.

Step 5

Take out the balls and remove the excess oil, then gently leave the gulab jamun balls in the sugar syrup. Let the gulab jamuns absorb the syrup. After half hour, extract them and place them on a bowl and gently pour some sugar syrup.

Step 6

Last but not the least, garnish the gulab jamuns with some finely chopped pistachios. Serve these gulab jamuns after an elaborate and we are sure your guests will praise.