Sheikh Rashid says IMF is Pakistan’s compulsion


RAWALPINDI: Railway minister Sheikh Rashid has said IMF is a compulsion and if he had been Prime Minister (PM) he would too have gone to IMF. “IMF is our compulsion. Dacoits have looted the country. Imran Khan did not know how the country was plundered. Had I been PM, I would have too resorted to IMF”, Sheikh Rashid said this while talking to media men Wednesday at Railway station Rawalpindi.

He went on to say 40 people are standing in a queue and they all will be behind the bars.

He held Thal Express will go to Karachi from Multan. This train has been made by the laborers and I express my thanks to them. The laborers have to be granted one scale. The pay of railway police will be enhanced .It is my pledge with the nation that a net work of trains will be laid. As many as 20 freight trains will be run in a year. I will lay railway track for the poor.  NullahLeh is also going to be built.  He stated the college which stands suspended since 14 years will be inaugurated this month.