Sahiwal Working Party, Rochdale elects new office-bearers


ROCHDALE: The Annual General Meeting of the Sahiwal Working Party, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK, was held on Tuesday (12th February) in which the Mayor of Rochdale Councillor Mohammed Zaman, Fizza Niazi , Welfare Attache’,  Consulate General of Pakistan, members of the Sahiwal Working Party and others attended. 

The following office bearers were elected:

Chairman – Cllr. Sultan Ali  (former Mayor of Rochdale),Vice Chair – Mrs. Razia Shamim MBE, Secretary/ Public Relations Officer – Ghulam Rasul Shahzad OBE and Treasurer – Cllrr Irene Davidson 

Rochdale was twinned with Sahiwal in 1989. This was the first twinning of Rochdale in Pakistan. Rochdale is already twinned with a) Beilifeld and Peine in Germany , Tourcoing in France and Lviv in Ukraine. It also has friendship with other three towns. 

Sahiwal Working Party has completed 30 years of twinning with Sahiwal. During these thirty years, Sahiwal Working Party developed 21 projects of which  a) Free Eye Camp   b)  Maternity Project  c)  Training Project   d) Waste Management e)  Police Training Project etc. have been very successful. In addition to the above , many ambulances, fire engines, gully cleaner, cat’s eyes, sign boards etc had been sent. 

In October,2018, a delegation comprising the Mayor Councillor Mohammad Zaman, Member of Parliament Tony Lloyd, Leader of the Council Councillor Allen Brett, Councillor Sultan Ali, Councillor Aasim Rashid, Mrs.Razia Shamim MBE, Ghulam Rasul Shahzad OBE,Councillor Lasharie from Kensington , Iftikhar Ahmed, Imtiaz Ahmed, M.Mahmood etc. visited Kashmir, Islamabad, Lahore and Sahiwal and met with Ministers, British High Commissioner, Governor of the Punjab, Police officers, Commissioner of Sahiwal, Chairman Union Council and others.

For the last thirty years, members of Sahiwal Working Party have been committed, dedicated and passionate to carry on serving the local community and people of Sahiwal.