Demo outside IHC in London on Maqbool Butt’s 35th anniversary


LONDON: On the eve of 35th death anniversary of Kashmiri leader Maqbool Butt, Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front, National Awami Party and other nationalist organisations held a joint demonstration outside the India House in London on Monday 11th February.

Shaukat Butt, the younger brother of Maqbool Butt led The National Awami Party while Sabir Hul headed JKLF. The demonstrators demanded right of self-determination and sovereignty for Kashmiri people. “We don’t want occupation of India and Pakistan over Kashmir as Kashmir should be independent and sovereign state”, they demanded.

The protestors recalled and praised the services of Mabool Butt and other Kashmiri activists for the Kashmir struggle. The participants of demonstration chanted tradition slogans against Indian leadership and armed forces and demanded their withdrawal from Kashmir.

Kashmir leaders expressed their views that JKLF wants both India and Pakistan armed forces should be withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir and also want a free independent Kashmir. In attendance were Shaukat Maqbool Butt, Mahmood Kashmiri, Sabir Gull President JKLF UK, Nazir Ahmed Shawl, Professor Zaffar Ahmed, Sahaf Kashmiri, Professor Shahid Iqbal, Khawaja Hassan, Mirza Ikram, Javed Iqbal, Ch Ashraf President JKLF, Lala Abdul Qadeer, Bhobi, Amir, Nazam Bhatti, Mumtaz Mirza, Aslam Mirza, Ahsan ul Haq Ansari, Masoom Ansari, Mohammed Farooq Ansari, Haji Aftab Ansari, Mohammed Yaseen, Arshad,Shoaib Janjua, Mr & Mrs Farooq, Abdul Qayyum Ansari , Amjad Bhatti, Amjad Hussain,Asad Dar, Mr Lone and others.

(Report and pictures by S M Irfan Tahir)