A concerning issue of three ‘talaaq’


By Faz Zia


WE always talk about women’s rights and empowerment but still many women don’t know about their rights especially when they are thrown away from their houses. Those three words from the mouth of a man who was her husband, her protector and that protector, now acting like she never existed. 

On this issue, where it is debated that a triple ‘talaaq’ should be challenged in court to protect their rights there were many demonstrations around India and other places. Code blue premiered at Marriott studio at the Berlin International Film Festival. It received an amazing response at the premiere and people worldwide not only appreciated this young dynamic doctor / director and writer of code blue, they felt sad about this inhuman practice of triple talaaq. Many audiences salute courage of the Muslim girl who wrote and directed the movie.  

Did being from Muslim community and talking about such sensitive issues never scare her? When asked by an audience, she replied with a smile and said that what scares her more are Muslim women who are unfortunate victims of this inhumane practice, dying in silence and they don’t know their rights. When asked what message Code Blue comes with, the proud director said “educate yourself, know your rights and raise your voice.” She was given a standing ovation for this specialist doctor from India who showed so much courage.

Code blue – is when you save the life of an individual in the last stage of a medical emergency, unfortunately here this code blue victim is pushed to dead end not by physical illness but by the 3 words of triple talaaq which killed her soul and shattered her life. Triple talaaq is an inhuman malpractice of religion in India where a man can end marriage without consent of wife. Those women who are sufferers of this inhuman malpractice live a miserable life after these three words of triple talaaq. They are forced by society to sacrifice their remaining life for none of their fault.

It’s written nowhere in the Holy Quran to damage an innocent life for no reason, life after talaaq is never the same for these unfortunates, they sacrificed their dignity for basic needs of life, men used them emotionally and physically and it’s difficult for these women in countries like India where women are not independent and not educated to live their life without a male companion. Let’s not forget that society will now judge these innocent sufferers and label them wrong, to the extremes of labelling them bad character women. However, the story of Code Blue is inspired by that innocent girl whose life has been pushed to dead end not for her bad character, but because she had been divorced.

Code blue written by Dr Alena Khan, who decided upon this movie after seeing irreversible damaged life of many Muslim women she came across in her medical career. Most shattering for Dr Khan was a lady who came for consultation and she was not aware she was pregnant, after breaking the news so happily to her patient she realised that this was not great news but broke her patient up to extremes. As she was divorced having received the triple talaaq by note. Dr Khan not only supported that woman in emotional financial crisis but after seeing these malpractices and suffering she put her medical career on hold for one year and took the responsibility to talk about this inhuman malpractice.

Her message to women everywhere is be independent, be educated, know your rights, raise your voices and don’t sacrifice your dignity for food and shelter.