Women empowerment – an issue getting bigger


By Faz Zia


There is too much talk about women empowerment for years but now the issue is getting bigger and people are becoming more and more vocal about it.  I was recently talking to a Bollywood actress and she said something to me which was very thought provoking, she said that a woman is already very strong, take a child from a mother and see the strength of that mother- see how she can fight and take back her child, so don’t teach a woman how to fight. 

Women are working in various different fields, from being a housewife to working at NASA; there are no restrictions for her. I have met many strong women in my life and their journeys have always inspired me. I would like to share a journey of a strong woman who is a mother and a wife, but she knew of her abilities and she used those in a very progressive way. Mrs Luck Morani, she is a big name in India, however apart from her surname she built her own identity which inspired me. I met her last year here in London but couldn’t catch up much but last week on the screening of film Gul Makai, a film based on Malala, we had a conversation and I asked her about her journey. Mrs Luck Morani has made two films under the banner of “Lucky Morani Production,” one is Indo Iran production and “Gul Makai” which is a great achievement.

Q: Tell us about your background.

Luck Morani: I was born in the illustrious family of Nadiadwala, which is one of the legendary jubilee hit movie makers of Bollywood. I then went on to marry the acclaimed Mohomed Morani, Director of Cineyug Entertainment, the top name in the world of entertainment and live shows across the globe.
Q: As a woman, mother and a wife, what were the working challenges?

Luck Morani: Yes as I wear all of these hats, life is a roller-coaster, it is very eventful but fruitful. I got married at a young age after college and had twins boys. The first part as mother was busy, I looked after my twins and I was bringing them up plus helping my husband with his work but from the last 10-15 years I am on my own as a professional but also voluntarily helping many charity causes. I take a role in helping other women and to empower them. 

Q: Tell us about your fashion label and how did the acting start? 

Luck Morani: I have my own fashion label “Lucky Amane” for red carpet gowns and I graduated from SNDT University. I am a theater actor and I have worked on lots of musicals and done quite a few stage performances as well. 
Q: What was your involvement in the film Gul Makai?

Luck Morani: My involvement in Gul Makai is as a co producer, so a lot of work went into research and to making it. Now my mind is concentrating on the release and distribution; finding the right channel to reach out to the right audience. 
Q: What are your views on women empowerment?  

Luck Morani: I would only say that there is lot of noises made about women’s empowerment; in my personal view women don’t need empowerment, they are born powerful what we need is support, acknowledgement and appreciation. We can go a long way working hand in hand with men only if we are treated the way we are supposed to be treated. There’s no need for ego in regards to who got the upper hand or who is better then who, live in harmony, peace and respect for each other and there needs to be a lot of understanding. 
It was a lovely conversation with Lucky and I wish her all the best for her production, fashion Label and philanthropy work.