Kashmir seminar urges UN to ensure right of self-determination to Kashmiri nation


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday has said that the whole nation has joint stance on Kashmir issue. Addressing a conference in Islamabad, Zardari said that Pakistan and Kashmir are not separate. I am seeing independence of Kashmir in my life, he added.

ISLAMABAD: Feb02- Asif Ali Zardari addressing during Kashmir Conference.

The former president said that Kashmir had suffered a lot due to dictatorship. He further sought media’s assistance to dissolve the government. He said that the sacrifices of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination cannot be forgotten.

He said all political forces of the country should be on one page on this issue. He said Pakistan People’s Party has always supported Kashmiris’ struggle for their birth right which was promised by the United Nation Security Council.

Political parties’ leaders at a seminar on Saturday strongly condemned illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and stressed upon the international community to take notice of the Indian forces brutalities against the people of Jammu and Kashmir and play its role in resolving the long-pending issue according to the resolutions of the United Nations.

They also demanded of the Indian government to immediately release Kashmir leaders, including Shabbir Shah, Mir Waiz Umer Farooq, and Asia Andrabi.

 The noted freedom leaders are currently under the Indian forces custody to prevent them from their struggle for freedom.

 They were speaking at a seminar organized by Jamiat-e-Ulama Islam-Fazal in Islamabad.

Addressing the seminar, Jamiat-e-Ulama Islam-Fazal Chief Maulana Fazalur Rehman said the nation has been observing February 5 as day of solidity with the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir and international community also accepts the Kashmir issue.

He said that the JUI-F demonstrates its promise today that it will continue its moral and political support of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. As former chairman of the Kashmir Committee, he knows well about different institutions’ attitude towards the Kashmir issue, but the current government attitude is really disappointing.

The senior political leader said it is his responsible to draw the attention of institutions towards their flaws and shortcomings, adding growing disappointment among the people of Jammu and Kashmir would not be in the interest of Pakistan.

PPP Azad Jammu and Kashmir chapter President Chaudhry Latif Akbar appreciated the organizers of the event and said Kashmirs on one hand fighting for their self-determination and on the other hand rendering sacrifices for the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Akbar said the dictators’ governments were a major cause that massively damaged the Kashmir issue. Former prime minister (late) Benazir Bhutto for the first time in the history of Pakistan formed Kashmir Committee.

Senator Anwarul Haq Kakar said that Baluchistan will continue its support for Kashmir cause. He said the resolution of Pakistan is in transformation form, adding that no national in the world can suppress the right of freedom of Kashmiri people.

Kashmir Liberation Front (KLF) Chief Abdul Majeed Malik said that Pakistan should immediately abandon the Simla accord and stress the United Nations on the immediate resolve of the Kashmir issue as the accord has been a source of confusion into the Kashmir issue. 

SamiulHaq said, “The resolve of Kashmir issue lies in the Jihaad.” He said through Jihaad Pakistan can succeed to get Kashmir from India.

Hurriyat leader Syed Yousaf Naseem said Pakistan and Kashmir relation is based on faith. He said the freedom struggled continued from 1947 to 1990 but when in 1990 the people of Kashmir themselves carries weapons in their hands international community’s reorganization stated.

Maulana Awais Noorani raised question how the current government can solved the Kashmir issue whereas it is itself involved in the Sahiwal incident in which law enforcement officials brutally killed four innocent national for doing nothing wrong.