Harassment not only sexual, other factors also involved; says Kangana


MUMBAI: Kangana Ranaut has always been very vocal about Bollywood not always treating her right. The Manikarnika actress recently opened up about how she’s been harassed on film sets: “Harassment happens on many levels. So many times on sets, I wasn’t sexually harassed, but some people had ego issues. It wouldn’t come under #MeToo but it was still harassment,” she explained.

“Things like making me wait on set for six hours, willingly giving me wrong call time to make me stand, always giving me the wrong set of dates so I’m missing out on opportunities and then cancelling the schedule last minute by these heroes. Ganging up on me and not inviting me to film events, launching trailers without me and then someone else dubbed for me without even telling me, which is violating the basic right of taking permission from an actor.”

Going forward, she believes we need to make the workplace feel safer for actors through policy and change.

She shared: “On film sets, there have to be strict rules and strict action should be taken. Things can’t be solved on a personal level or behind closed doors. Things should be taken to authority and immediate action is the need of the hour. When anyone raises concern, people, director, producer or anyone needs to solve it. We need to become more sensitive about these things.”

Ranaut adds that men are frightened post the #MeToo movement gaining steam in India.

“People are scared, obviously and they should be. Men are scared in the industry. This isn’t going to stop. We need to come to a point where they are scared. All the talks of ‘what if women lose work’ should stop. I believe there’s no life without dignity. You shouldn’t worry about raising your voice,” said the Queen star.

Kangana Ranauthas shared that the biopic has shaped up exactly the way she wanted – with women taking centre stage. The actress recently pointed out that it was important to cast actors who would be able to do justice to their characters.

“In the film, Rani Laxmibai’s army is her strength. It was full of women who had an irrepressible spirit and a flair for fighting…We have stayed true to the spirit of Laxmi Bai as much as possible”Kangana was quoted.

Two actresses who are part of the army are Ankita Lokhandewho plays Jhalkari Bai the Queen’s advisor and Mishti who will be seen as friend who joins the army.

International action director Nick Powelltrained Kangana and Ankita in sword fighting and horse-riding.

On playing Rani Laxmibai, Kangana shared that her courage and fighting spirit resonated with her. “Since childhood, I have been a firm believer of woman power…We need to recognise and respect their subtle strength.”

Kangana will be next seen in Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, which has been released India and rest of the world.