Priya Prakash says she gets bored when people ask her to wink


MUMBAI:  Famous for her iconic wink and the adorable finger-gun kiss, South Indian starlet Priya Prakash Varrier says she gets bored when people ask her to wink. Talking about her upcoming film OruAdaar Love, Priya in an interview revealed how she feels when people request her to replicate the wink scene from the film that stole the hearts of millions and made her an internet sensation overnight.

“Though I am enjoying this new-found fame, I never thought a wink would become such a big deal. Till this date, I don’t know how it went viral. It was a tiny video, after all. In fact, that was ‘okayed’ in the first take. The director asked me to give some cute expressions, and I went with the flow. I wonder what people saw in that wink that they admired so much. Even today, wherever I go, they ask me to wink. I don’t get irritated, but feel bored. I think I would have winked at least 200 times on request,” the Kerala-based actress said.

Opening about whether she enjoys being in the spotlight, Priya added further: “I am still learning how to manage things. My mother keeps my reality in check and keeps me grounded. But my life hasn’t changed much. I am the same middle-class girl who takes the local buses to travel to college. Of course, I lost my privacy; people ask for selfies often. But I like the fame I have now. It feels good.”

Priya Prakash, who boasts an Instagram following of about whopping 6.4 million followers as of now, holds the stature of being the most searched personality on the web on Google, India. The 19-year-old starlet will be making a grand entry in Bollywood in her movie ‘Sridevi Bungalow’.