Pakistan says if India will speaks with bullets then will be answered with bullets


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday said that we want peaceful relationship with neighbors but if India will speak with bullets then will be answered with bullets. During the weekly Foreign Office (FO) briefing, the spokesperson said Pakistan sent a draft plan to India and has asked New Dehli to send a delegation to finalize plans. “It was disappointing that India in turn sent back two dates and said that Pakistan can send a delegation instead. Pakistan will send a stern reply soon,” Faisal said. Referring to the issue of occupied Kashmir, a permanent talking point in such briefings, the FO said that India continues to violate the cease-fire agreement and occupying forces are still using pellet guns despite United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres talking about the issue. Faisal went on to add that India has also ignored the Human Rights Council’s report that highlights these atrocities. He reassured the people that the matter has been taken up with the UNGA president.

He said US Senator Lindsey Graham – during his recent visit to Islamabad – conveyed that President Donald Trump has expressed his desire to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan. The spokesperson said dates for the possible meeting have not been decided yet and though Washington and Islamabad have started discussing a possible meet between the leaders, preparations for such a visit are pending. He said that there’s no change in Islamabad’s policy towards Tel Aviv amid reports that a Jewish Pakistani has been permitted officially to travel to Israel on a Pakistani passport. Dr Mohammad Faisal was responding Thursday to a question during weekly press briefing on Pakistan’s policy towards the Jewish state. Fishel Khalid, 31, had applied for permission through an app of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Oct 28, three days after an Israeli journalist tweeted about a plane flown from Tel Aviv landed in Islamabad which the government had vehemently denied. He also stated that if review decision on Asia Bibi’s decision comes in her favour she will be allowed to leave the country. The spokesperson further said Prime Minister Imran khan invited Qatari Business persons to invest in 5 million housing scheme. PM thanked Amir of Qatar for offering 100000 jobs and also asked for share on infrastructure development projects for the World Cup related projects, he added.