Total time 20 minutes

Preparation time 10 minutes

Calories 778

WITH festivals around the corner and preparations in full swing, we thought of sharing a simple yet delicious sweet recipe, which you can prepare at home without putting in much efforts. Balushahi is an authentic culinary delight, which happens to be an inseparable part of festivals and occasions in India. In fact, when it comes to Indian weddings and tradition, in most parts of the country, the bride carries this sweet, when she visits her in-laws the first time after marriage. Packed in large bamboo baskets and decorated with coloured paper, this delicious sweet is a symbol of joy and festivity. Prepared with desi ghee, Balushahi might be rich in calories, but the taste is just mind-blowing. Melt-in-the mouth it is also called Makkhan Vada in many regions. You can make Balushahi at home by following this easy and quick recipe. Try out this special recipe on festivals like Holi, Diwali, Janamashtami, Durga Puja and even get togethers and parties and impress your family and friends.

Recipe: Chef Abhishek Gupta, Jaipur Marriott


6 cup all purpose flour

3 cup water

8 cup sugar

2 cup ghee

For Dough

1 cup baking soda

2/3 cup ghee

For Garnishing

1/2 cup pistachios


Step 1

Here are some simple steps to prepare delicious Balushahi at home. To prepare this sweet, take a bowl, add some all purpose flour, baking soda and 2/3 cup ghee. Mix the ingredients together to make a stiff dough.

Step 2

Once the dough is ready, extract small dough balls and roll them into small bite-sized balls.

Step 3

Then take a deep fry pan and add some ghee, once the ghee is hot enough slide the balls into the oil. Then let them cook, till they turn brown. Then strain the excess ghee and put the golden fried balls on a tissue paper, this will absorb the excess ghee.

Step 4

Take a vessel and heat it over medium flame. Add sugar and water, allow them to blend and form a thick syrup with two thread consistency. To accentuate the taste and flavour of this sugar syrup, add some saffron strands.

Step 5

Once, the sugar syrup is ready, dip the freshly fried balls and allow them to absorb the sweetness. Extract the balls and garnish with pistachio and let it cool down. Serve it with some snacks and tea.