Labour MP Tan Dhesir asks Theresa May to resign


LONDON: Labour Member of Parliament from Slough, Tan Dhesi MP has said that it is time for the Prime Minister Theresa May to resign. He mentioned to the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, after the Government’s historic defeat last night she should do the honourable thing and allow the country to elect a new Parliament, so we can move forward as a nation.

Speaking at the Question-Answer session in Commons on Wednesday, he said thatin modern British history, when faced with a defeat even a fraction of the size of the titanic and calamitous margin that the Prime Minister faced yesterday, Prime Ministers have done the right and honourable thing and have resigned and called a general election. Does my right hon. Friend agree that the Prime Minister, in the pursuit of power and the trappings of office, has now forgotten what is right and honourable?

He went on to say that under her leadership, this Government have become the first in British history to be found in contempt of Parliament, and the first in British history to lose by more than 200 votes on a primary policy matter. “Homelessness has spiralled out of control, the use of food banks has risen exponentially, and much ​more besides. Surely it is now time to act with humility and to do the right and honourable thing: resign and call a general election”, he added.

Responding the query, Prime Minister Theresa May that she believes

this Government have a record to be proud of—a record that demonstrates that our policies and principles are more than words. In 2010, we inherited the gravest of economic situations: a recession in which almost three quarters of a million jobs were lost; a budget deficit of £1 borrowed for every £4 spent; and a welfare system that did not reward work.

“But in the nine years since, thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of the British people, we have turned this country around. Our economy is growing; the deficit is down by four fifths; the national debt has begun its first sustained fall for a generation; and the financial burden left for our children and grandchildren is shrinking by the day. That is a record to be proud of”, she stated. .