British Sikh community lauds opening of Nankana Saheb/Kartarpur corridor


LONDON: The Sikh community based in London has welcomed the opening of Nankana Saheb-Kartarpur corridor and said that the historic inauguration of the Kartarpur Project by Pakistan’s top civil and military leadership at an impressive ceremony has been warmly greeted by Sikh representatives as a bold, far- sighted and statesmanlike move.

The World Sikh Parliament (WSP) has described the ground-breaking initiative as a fitting tribute to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji at a time when his 549th birth anniversary was being celebrated by his followers across the world.

In a statement issued by the WSP the move is also recognised as an important step in boosting the ever-closer friendship between the Sikh nation and the people and government of Pakistan.

WSP members attended the ceremony in Kartarpur Sahib and thanked the Pakistani leadership for unilaterally implementing the Sikh proposals, despite India’s decades-long obstruction. It was remarkable to witness how India was forced to suddenly change its position on the corridor over the last week in order to belated accept the de facto establishment of the corridor by Pakistan.

In a separate development, WSP members called on the Governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar, to express appreciation for the corridor development. They called on him to help facilitate the arrangements that will be needed to accommodate tens of thousands of Sikh pilgrims that will be visiting Pakistan in November 2019 to celebrate the Guru’s milestone 550th birth anniversary. Pakistan will be releasing a ‘Nanakshahi’ coin and postage stamps to mark that event, with the Guru’s birth place at Nankana Sahib near Lahore being the focus of those celebrations.

WSP Member Joga Singh spoke of the sheer joy he witnessed at the Kartarpur ceremony as well as the huge sense anticipation for next year’s Gurpurab celebrations in Nankana Sahib. He said that the WSP will, along with the Sikhs of Pakistan; work hand in glove with the Pakistani authorities to make those events a further success.