Theresa May considering Labour MP’s demands on workers rights


LONDON: Commenting over the Brexit situation, BBC has reported that the government is considering giving extra protections to workers and the environment in order to win support for its Brexit withdrawal agreement.

The proposals have been put forward by Labour Leave supporter John Mann.

Business Secretary Greg Clark said the amendment showed “Parliament coming together” behind the PM’s deal.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will tell activists that a general election is the most democratic way of breaking the Brexit deadlock.

Mr Mann said his amendment, which is backed by a number of other Labour MPs in Leave-supporting constituencies, would open up the opportunity for other improvements to the prime minister’s deal.

Theresa May met some of the group on Wednesday and BBC political correspondent Nick Eardley said the move would be seen “as an attempt to win over some Labour waverers”. However he said the Labour leadership “is unlikely to be swayed” and the government’s pledge is not believed to be legally binding.

Prominent Brexiteer and Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg said it was the “right approach” for the government to seek support in this way, but he would still be voting against the government’s “deeply unsatisfactory” deal.

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson told ITV’s Peston programme it was “a question of when not if” the party tabled a vote of no confidence in the government, although he suggested the opposition would wait to hear what Mrs May said in response to any defeat before deciding what to do.