Lord Ahmed was stopped at Islamabad Airport, given 72-hour permit to enter the country


Nation special report

ISLAMABAD: Lord Nazir Ahmed has said that since Azad Jammu & Kashmir is a separate state, Pakistan’s constitution and any Pakistani law is not applicable in AJK. “These people sitting in Islamabad [establishment] should think that how can they enforce their constitution and laws on AJK”, he asked in an interview in Muzaffarabad on Monday (31st December).

“I am in AJK as a Class-A citizen and state subject, since Pak Constitution and laws are not applicable here, if anyone has courage and he is brave enough, come and take me (by force) from AJK”, he challenged the Pakistan Government.

It may be recalled that Lord Ahmed was stopped at Islamabad Airport on Christmas Day (Tuesday) at Islamabad Airport when he was not allowed to enter the Pakistani territory as his NICOP (Pak Identity) Card was expired.

After lengthy arguments and to avoid further bitterness, he was given 72 hours permit to enter the country. He reached Islamabad by Qatar Airways. Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials told him that a valid NICOP is must for entry into Pakistan.

Lord Ahmed said that Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) kept him waiting for several hours at the airport and only granted 72-hour entry to Pakistan. He claimed that as per government’s notification, entry in Pakistan is permitted on expired overseas card. He said that stopping at the airport despite government’s notification is unjust.

He said that civil services and government lack cooperation and coherence regarding rules and regulations. He also suggested Prime Minister Imran Khan not to authorize irresponsible people.

Lord Ahmed said that it was very embarrassing moments for him and it happened only because of wrong information floated by none other than PM Imran Khan’s personal advisor Zulfiqar Ahmed Zulfi who told in London last week that NICOP is not necessary to travel to Pakistan.

“I shall advise to every overseas Pakistani to be vigilant and well informed before travelling. Thoroughly check and complete all necessary documents before starting their journey to Pakistan”, Lord Ahmed stated.

“These PTI punters should not misguide their overseas countrymen and I shall bring this saga into knowledge of PM Imran Khan when I shall meet him”, he added.

Press conference:

Meanwhile, addressing a press conference at the residence of Mashal Malik in Islamabad on Monday (December 31), Lord Nazir Ahmed said that year 2018 was the worst year regarding the persecution of the innocent Kashmiris of the last decade. He said that the leaders of political parties must be given training of highlighting the Kashmir dispute at national and international levels.

“To apprise the issue of Kashmir to international community, members of parliament needs to be completely aware of the dispute, Lord Ahmed suggested adding; “Kashmir dispute was damaged by the appointing Maulana Fazlur Rehman as head of the Kashmir Committee for the last 10 years. Kashmir dispute was kept away from the limelight, he said and added Minister for Human Rights shouldn’t talk about Kashmir dispute”.

Lord Nazir praised the work of Mushal MAlik for raising the Kashmiri issue effectively as she is the only lady who is raising Kashmir issue on international front and I hope that she will persuade the EU parliament in her coming address.

Nazir said that the AJK politicians and experts must visit the foreign countries for the Kashmiri cause with full preparation and spread the message of Kashmiris freedom struggle to the world.

He also suggested that the issue of Gilgit Baltistan is directly related with the United Nations resolutions therefore the status must be kept intact till Kashmir issue is resolved.

Mashal Malik

Addressing a press conference along with Mashal Malik, wife of JKLF leader Yaseen Malik, said our concentration should be how UN experts visit Kashmir on fact finding mission and prepare a comprehensive report on the basis of their observations. “I am ready to travel across the world to highlight the plight situation of oppressed Kashmiris and brutalities of Indian forces”, she stated.

Chairperson Pakistan Peace and Culture Organization Mushaal Hussein Mulik said the year 2018 was the deadliest year for Kashmiri’s as occupied forces have martyred more than 300 innocent people. She said that Indian forces brutality against the Kashmiri has been increasing with the passage of time.

“The year 2018 was witnessed the deadliest year in a decade for Kashmiris as barbaric forces not only martyred more than 300 people-who were holding peaceful demonstration against the occupied forces- but also murdered the eight-year-old girl in January after raping. Apart from this, she revealed that more than 1000 women were also gang-raped in recent years”, she added.

She further said that besides killing of people, Indian forces suppressing the voice of Kashmiri leadership as her husband Chairman JKLF Yasin Malik and other leadership illegally detained by ‘occupied’ forces.

Chairperson said that government of Pakistan should arrange an all Parties conference on Kashmir issue in order to build international pressure on India and foreign minister should endorse the UN report about the atrocities from the European and other countries. 

She also asked the face-book administration not to suppress the voices of Kashmiris as raising voice against the indian brutalities is their right and no one can deprive from them.    Mushaal emphasized on human rights organizations to pay heed on the deteriorating situation of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and put direct pressure on indian government to stop the carnage of Kashmiris.

She hoped that New Year would end the difficulties of Kashmiris and we; the Kashmiris will get independence from India.