212 corruption cases registered in CDA, 72 referred to NAB, 57 to FIA


ISLAMABAD: As many as 212 cases of corruption, plundering, petrol theft, fake degrees and maladministration in plots in 2018 has been registered in CDA. Out of these cases, 72 cases have been referred to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and 57 to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for the investigation process.

2200 cases of fake degrees registered in this period and 372 workers got suspended after the completion of inquiries against them. 80 percent of these workers are class four employees. While 20 percent officers are still working on their positions as the cases of fake degrees against them were not processed yet.  The hundreds of these cases are being investigated in NAB and FIA. Out of these cases, 22 are related to corruption in Building Control and 78 in Land Estate.

In 2018, 28 official of FIA were arrested in different cases while majority of them later freed on bail and six are still behind the bars, including former Director General Building Control Ghulam Murtaza and Director General Planning Ghulam Sarwar Sindhoo.According to investigative report, numerous cases of corruption and plundering in CDA are under hearing in the federal investigative agencies. In the CDA department Land and Estate, 78 cases came into sight in one year. The investigative agencies took action on these cases and arrested 35 individuals, out of which six officers are in jail while the cases of several workers are still under hearing in courts.

In Land Estate, about 4 billion rupees were plundered in three years. But no action had been taken against these corrupt officials and instead they were transferred to other places or got retired. When the investigations started against the former DD Land and current DC CDA Raja Saleem, who not only plundered millions of rupees in CDA through his special dealers but claimed to be a special man of the former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan during his term, and bought land files from hundreds of victims on very cheap prices and allotted these plots legally and illegally, he was posted as DC CDA on the recommendations of high authorities. Later on, he transferred himself to his native land to avoid corruption.  The BCS department of CDA caused Rs3 billion losses to national exchequer in one year by assisting in building of illegal plazas and declaring the illegal maps as legal. But the influential owners of these plazas, who have close relations with political figures of the city, are out of reach for the law.

In addition, more than 5 billion rupees were plundered again in only one year by issuing fake NOCs for buildings and houses. Several complaints were registered in FIA in this regard but the corruption of the Building Control department is still going on apparently with the collision of the high officials. 

The Planning Department of CDA also registered 150 corruption cases. The Deputy Director of Planning Abdul Haq Brouhi, former director Ayyub Tariq and current director Ejaz Shiekh names were also involved, but no action had been taken against them.

Moreover, CDA One Window department recorded 35 cases where a huge corruption is ongoing and millions of rupees are being plundered from innocent citizens on daily basis but its mafia has very established footings there. The complaints from citizens are falling on deaf years.