Perfect care for your nails


TAKING care of nails is very important when it comes to maintaining hygiene. Keep your hands moisturized, coat the nails properly and choose proper lacquer, suggest experts.
* Practice good nail hygiene: Without proper care, the nails become brittle and thin and so, it is essential to have a regular maintenance routine. Manicure and pedicure help in keeping healthy and shiny looking nails. Ensure that you stick to salons that have technicians who have undergone proper training. Wear gloves for better nail care when working with your hands, such as when you are gardening or housecleaning, to protect the polish and keep dirt out of your nails.
* Choose correct nail lacquer and nail care collection: Wearing nail polish does not harm your healthy nails, but many of your favourite nail polishes andacrylics, are full of harsh chemicals that cause nail brittleness, dryness, andthinning. Ensure that you use products that are paraben-free, sulfate-free,formaldehyde-free, toxin-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan.
Pick a nail colour remover that treats conditions that adversely affect nailsand cuticles, preferable something that has the unique goodness of Vitamins A,C, and E.
* Hydrate your hands: It is advised to wash the hands with lukewarm water tohelp keep the hands and nails soft and smooth. Also, apply a hand creamfrequently which is enriched with fruit extracts. It will help in restoring andmake the hands look hydrated and moisturised.
* Coat it up: Bottom and top coat may seem unimportant, but they help to keepour nails from chipping, splitting, cracking and strengthen and protect thenail from being stained. The coats also do an awesome job smoothingimperfections. Try and pick up a top coat which has an external barrier harderthan traditional top coats, so it’s more durable against wear and damage. Alsolook for UV protection in the formula to combat environmental damage to includefading and yellowing.
* Nail extension: The nails are one of the parts of the body that can say moreof a person. In fact, many people look at the hands because they say a lotabout each other’s personality, the way of life. Presentable nails are equallyimportant and if the nails do not grow and are short, it’s beneficial to getnail extension done.

Take care of your nail extensions. Make sure that you fix the damaged nails as soon as possible and keep an eye out for dryness, redness and peeling of skin or cuticles.

* Moisturise cuticles: Taking care of the cuticles is a critical part for a healthy growing nail. Dry, cracking cuticles not only make nails look messy, they can also cause hangnails and just plain hurt. Cuticles are part of your skin and serve the important purpose of acting as your nail’s protective barrier. Moisturise and massage with oils which have healing properties such as Argan Oil to restore moisture and repair damages.