During last four years, complaints of the most abusivedisappearance reported this year in Pakistan. 649 disappeared in 2015, 868 in2016, 728 in 2017 and 899 this year sofar; reports Enquiry Commission

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LONDON:The incidents of enforced missing of people in Pakistan has always been amatter of great concern and according to ‘Enquiry Commission on Missing People’in recent past four years in Pakistan, there have been complaints about themost abusive disappearance. This revealed the findings of the Commission’s datato detect missing persons’ disappearances.

According to the commission report, 649 complaints were received in 2015, 868 in 2016, 728, 2017 in 2016, but 899 missing persons in just ten months this year. This list does not include November and December complaints, BBC has reported quoting Commission’s report.

KARACHI: Dec 11 –Relatives of missing persons are protesting in favor of their demands in front of Supreme Court registry building. 

The commission claims that 557 complaints were detected in 2018. Survey of the missing persons and human rights organizations have been complaining about the incidents of forced disappearances in their annual reports, but this matter has been discussed in Pakistan’s upper house Senate and the National Assembly.

Activist Mushtaq Zaharani himself has been missing against the extortion of missing political workers missing in Sindh. His father, Lord Zohani, says that Mushtaq went on with his friends in Larkana city on July 28, after four hours his mobile could not be contacted, since he was missing.

Mushtaq Zaharani was from Sindh Sindh Aerospace Group, while he used to be the livestock owner.

Lang Zahrani says the police has refused to enter the FIR even because they will file a constitutional petition in the High Court.

The trend of forced disappearances in Pakistan came after the fight against terrorism and after the death of Nawab Akbar Bugti, a nationalist leader in Balochistan in Balochistan, severely in Balochistan and then Sindh. The exact number of missing persons is the final figures, both government and non-governmental institutions are not available.

In the last decade, four organizations have come into existence for the missing persons, in which Omnah Jujja’s Human Rights Defender estimates that around ten thousand people are missing. Voice for Baloch Masjid Prasad claims that there are missing 20,000 Balochs, while Voice for Sindhi Milling Press estimates that since 2001, 50 Sindhi workers from Sindh have disappeared since 2001.

On the other hand, the Pashtun protection movement recently said that eight thousand Pashtuns are missing. According to the figures of the commission set up for forced disappearances, they have received 5075 complaints. On this comparison, 605 applications have been received in the first six months of this year, which indicate a record because 868 requests were reported in the last 12 months of the previous year.

Voice of Morning Persons of Sindh, Sunurn Lohar, says that since April this year, there has been a sharp increase in forced disasters since August, only 20 in the month of August, some of the youngsters were released after a week, while some cases Are made

Pakistan, the trend of forced disappearances came after the fight against terrorism On August 4 from Khairpur student, Nasirullah Jamali was forced to have forced extortion. Nasrullah was released about 20 days later. Even before, he was missing last year. According to Nasirullah’s brother Sainalah, after arresting seven months last year, arrest of Nursalah was detonated, but later the court mischarged him from the accusation.

After a week, after surrounded by the village, they were re-lifted but the family members were released and released after the petition in the court.

International agencies:

In addition to the UN, Amnesty International and the International Commission of Zurst on forced extortion in Pakistan, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has been expressing concern. This year, Pakistan has also been elected as the member of the Human Rights Council.

On the complaints of forced disappearances in the United Nations, the Working Group has also heard complaints in Pakistan, 57 new complaints came in the presence of the group.

The group cited the global rights of human rights in its recommendations, saying that there are any circumstances but can not be justified for forced leave and information about transfer of any person to the family and lawyer It is necessary to provide.

The Human Rights Commission has stated in its 2017 review report that many incidents of forced disappearances have suffered serious threats to human rights in Pakistan.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC), which sought the freedom and financial resources to seek its mandate, remained challenging for the Pakistan government, and the commission failed to take legal action against those involved in forced extortion.

Similarly, Pakistan failed to authenticate the global agreement to protect security from forced defaults and to specifically punish forced disappearances. Many constitutional petitions of forced missing persons are being held in Pakistan. Only in Sindh High Court they have more than 150 people.

All the affected families do not get to justice. Some families told the BBC that the minimum fee of the lawyer is one lakh rupees which is far away from their reach.

Earlier this year, Justice Athar Man Allah of Islamabad High Court ruled on an application, while extortion was declared a crime against humanity with a cruel and non-human process. In his decision he directed the government to pay compensation to the families of missing persons, because the responsibility of protecting the citizens is imposed on the state.

Ministers of defense, interior ministry and Islamabad authorities have filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against their decision.

The Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Saqib Nisar, took notice of the arrest of the family members of the forcibly disappeared in Sindh, and directed law enforcement agencies to create a special cell to detect missing people. Let the Supreme Court be included.

The Supreme Court said that there was no progress on the directive of the Chief Justice. They have not received any calls or received a message. He said that there was no relief in any cases which were filed in courts. Till today, a missing person was not presented on court order. These institutions come in courts and say that we do not have the missing person, while a few months later, some of them appear to be filed. “