Brexit will open door to new trade deals around the world; says May


LONDON: Prime Minister Theresa May has said that leaving the EU will enable Britain to strike “ambitious” trade deals around the world as she seeks to rally support for her Brexit deal. The Prime Minister has held talks with a series of leaders keen to strike agreements with the UK once it is outside the EU on Brexit issue.

At the start of a crucial week for the Government ahead of the Commons vote on December 11, she said that new markets will open up for British firms in some of the fastest growing economies around the world.“Once we leave the EU, we can and we will strike ambitious trade deals,” she said in a Commons statement on Monday.

“For the first time in more than 40 years we will have an independent trade policy, and we will continue to be a passionate advocate for the benefits open economies and free markets can bring. “We will forge new and ambitious economic partnerships, and open up new markets for our goods and services in the fastest growing economies around the world.”

She said that among the leaders to express an interest in reaching early agreements were those of Japan, Canada and Chile as well as hosts Argentina.