some facts about Cannabis beauty


Traditionally, Cannabis sativa is well-known for reasons other than its apparent skin care benefits. But since beauty brands started blending the controversial ingredient into their products, demand for the globally-related herb of mischief is growing in strength in beauty circles.

According to a Cosmetics Business report, Keen hemp brand, Ho Karan, meaning I love you in Breton – a southwestern Brittonic Celtic language, uses cannabis across all of its products and has launched a new range of face and body products infused with sativa.

The French skin care company now stocks an eye cream, soap bar, moisturiser, shower gel, multi-purpose oil, deodorant, face wipes and will soon be releasing a CBD oil in two percentages in 2.5% and 5% (from £5.99).

Ho Karan sources all of its products in France and works with cannabis farmers who use organic and biodynamic process.

Meanwhile, its packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. The brand has also featured on Sephora Stands, a programme dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship in beauty.

Aside from indie brands using cannabis and big name brands including The Body Shop, Perricone MD and Dr Bronner, have all launched products using the ingredient. The seeds from the plant are used, instead of conventional oils used in the beauty sector, and are available in two form: cold-pressed seed oil and cannabinoid (CBD).

These extracts feature a high and balanced essential fatty acid content, including omegas 3 and 6, as well as oils which are said to protect against UV rays.