Secret of prosper and healthy life


By Faz Zia
We all want to live a long and happy life but we forget the big factor which is our health without health life is long or short but is miserable and if you are old and not good in health is not good for you and your loved ones too.

Happiness is a key for a good healthy life and to find happiness is not difficult for those who find the purpose of life.  Let me share an article which recently I read in the Stylist magazine and is all about how people in Japan live because Japan holds the world record for the number of people aged 100 and 88% are women.  It is amazing where in July woman called Chiyo Miyako who was the world’s oldest woman passed away in the age of 117 the next oldest woman is Kane Tanaka aged 115 also from Japan. So what is the secret of Japan life what are they doing or eating where they live long but healthy too.

Recently Japan health ministry revealed that the country had set a new world record for people over 100 years old which is a 69,785, of which 88% are women. In UK is completely different story the office for National Statistics found that life expectancy has slow down particularly in women and the drop is 90%from 12.9 weeks per year the biggest reduction of the 20th century.

It clearly shows that we are doing something wrong somewhere and it is a high time to fix the issue, no exercise, bad food, sitting long hours on work chair, no water just coffee and fizzy drinks etc.  Now let’s see what is Japan doing different to live long.  In Japan there is a heavy emphasis on community there is an island in Okinawa which known as “land of the immortals ” and home to more than 1,000 centenarians people set up friendship groups known as ‘Moai’ means meeting for a common purpose and to support each other by all means.  Social isolation is a killer and these people set up group of friendships where they are happy so no loneliness.

Other factor they believe a popular philosophy in Japan which is called “ikigai’ means “the reason you get up in the morning ” what a thought and this grew within by focusing different facts of life from work to family you get a strong purpose to keep going in life. Focusing on purpose of your life can add up 7 years.

Eat well and take time sit on the floor with kneeling down avoid dining tables or have lower table  Japanese love their food spread in different but smaller plates is called tapas style where they can eat less and slowly. They use lots of grains, vegetables, soya and Goya which is bitter melon it helps the blood sugar and stimulates digestion use sesame seed or rapseed oils .  They walk a lot and use more cycle rather then car they enjoy gardening which is good for mental health in fact women who lived in the greenest area had a 12% lower death rate, earlier this year the Royal Horticulture society teamed up with NHS to promote the positive impact gardening can have on mental health.  At the end hot bath which relax the muscles and release the stress.  In Japan residents often visit an ‘onsen’ part of culture since the 8th century which is a hot springs hovering between 25c to 42c each is distinguished by the minerals that are found in the water and each one provides different health benefits for body and mind.

Friends so from all these small steps where eat well, sleep well, a good purpose of life, walk and hot minerals bath can add more years into your life. Is not hard to do but depends if you are willing to do.