Armeena Rana will return to TV


KARACHI: ‘Bin Roye’ star Armeena Rana Khan has announced that she will next been seen in a “complex love story” called Aye Dil Zara Sambhal. But where has she been all this time?

Speaking to Irfanul Haq for Images, Armeena explained that she’s been missing from Pakistan’s entertainment scene to focus on her business and family, “I have taken time this year to focus on real life and family hence the hiatus. Last year, I had spent 10 months in Pakistan and then some more earlier this year. Back to back projects took a toll not only on my business but my personal life. So it was done to create the much needed balance. I am happy to be back on television.”

Her hiatus came to an end when director Barkat Siddiqui approached her for the female lead in his TV drama Aye Dil Zara Sambhal.

She describes the serial as “a complex love story full of twists and turns. It revolves around three main characters. The dialogues are witty and the script is crisp and concise. I can guarantee this much, It’ll keep the audience guessing.”

Of her own character, Armeena says, “Shafaq is seriously shaded. Imperfect, flawed yet kind hearted and loving.”

Aye Dil Zara Sambhal has been written by Abdul Khaliq (Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai) and co-produced by director Barkat Siddiqui and Zaheer Razzaq Sheikh. The rest of the cast is yet to be finalised, according to Armeena. The drama’s channel or launch date is not yet known.

Meanwhile, according to Express Tribune, Armeena Rana Khan is not one to shy away from trouble, especially of it involves issues such as cyber bullying. Just recently, the Janaanstarlet called out a guy who abused her on Twitterby sharing screenshots of his tweets.

“So I’m attaching the tweets because such persons should be exposed for being a menace to society,” she wrote. “This man has zero respect for mothers, daughters and sisters. I ask all to refrain from such language as it is unbecoming for a Pakistani. This is not how our parents bring us up,” Armeena said.

The UK-born starlet went on to add that as opposed to the hate she receives for not contributing enough to the country, she gives more to society than she takes.

“And like most Pakistanis abroad, I give MORE than I take. I am a sincere person and believe in the betterment of society. Thank you and love to you guys from your brothers and sisters overseas,” she went on.

“Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls: Never, EVER take bullying or abuse from anyone. All the decent people from around the world are with you,” the Bin Roye actor called out.

“I want to create a safe platform for debate, exchange of ideas and freedom of speech (not to be confused with abuse) on my Twitter for all especially women,” she further said. “I’ll be seeking your feedback on some of my upcoming charity projects for a start so feel free to share ideas,” she added.