Preity Zinta says her #MeToo comments were distorted


MUMBAI: Preity Zinta has responded to criticism over her recent #MeToo remarks, issuing an apology and explanation over Twitter. The Veer Zaara actor accused the journalist who interviewed her for “editing [her interview] to trivialise [the issue] and be insensitive.”

In a further statement, she tried to clarify some of her statements in the interview:“My reason for saying ‘I wish something like this would have happened to me’ in the film industry with a smile was because I would have reacted and slapped the person. So, it never happened and much later when it happened, I did react & the whole world saw it. Having said that, I recognize that not everyone is in a position to fight back and I don’t want to marginalize the women that have been abused,” she wrote.

She then said, “The Sweetu & MeToo comment was not mine but I was quoting a man, which implied that men are now cautious in their approach to women at work.”

“The reason i don’t want this movement to be diluted by fake accusations is because my brother went through it and shot himself,” adding that men should not be “automatically vilfied”. In 2016, Preity’s cousin committed suicide, citing harassment by his in-laws who he said had filed false cases against him.

She ended her note with a hope that she receives “more trust, especially from women” in the future, “because if we don’t stand together, there is no movement.”