Wave of knife crime – women are vulnerable


By Faz Zia
Dear friends
LONDON is under the threat of not terror attacks but knife crime. According to Met Police the figures showed that it has surged by 16% of knife attacks in the capital it is a highest numbers murders with knife in a decade. In wave of increasing violence, the women are stated to be more vulnerable. This is an advice for

Since March 2018 it has been rose to 40,147 a seven year high and that number have been recorded by cops.  There were 1,299 stabbings in London up to the end of April and these are the statistics from the Met Police, one of the reason is a cocaine flooding the country has been partly blamed for the country’s violent crime according to “The Sun” (11 Nov 2018)

A BBC report Stephanie Finnon says in her report (7 Nov) researchers at Newcastle university claim children may be more likely to be stabbed when walking home from school, the joint study with health professionals found the time immediately after lessons finish , between 1600-1800 account for a significant peak in attacks on youngsters.

Above are the ratio and percentage of the rise in knife crime but many are blaming the rise is the budget cuts in police there is no enough police around to stop the crime, the police station are closing down and people are not feeling safe.

Now the Home Secretary Sajid Javid says that ‘Stop and Search’ can work to decrease the crime and it easier for the police to tackle the capital violence. Home Secretary promised to make it easier for police to use stop and search as he called for a sweeping overhaul of crime fighting methods.

Christmas and New Year time is around the corner and we hope that it stops here because is enough now parents can’t lose their children to this violent crime and on the other hand try to be safe and alert with your surroundings.

Figures from London’s Metropolitan police showed that knife crime has surged by 16 per cent in the capital — as Britain’s crime epidemic continues. Excluding those killed in terror attacks like London Bridge, Westminster and Manchester, there was still a 12 per cent rise in murders — the highest numbers in a decade.

The total number of offences involving a knife or bladed instrument that have been recorded by cops in the year to March 2018 rose to 40,147, a seven-year-high. There were 1,299 stabbings in London up to the end of April, according to official statistics from the Met Police.

A glut of cocaine flooding the country has been partly blamed for the country’s violent crime.

In February more than 250 knives and swords were seized across London in just one week and 283 people, many of them teenagers, were arrested for carrying them. By August, stabbings were reported on a nearly daily basis as the summer stabbing spree continued.